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Altered States / Bluffs II

Altered States are improvised group who pursue 16 years as same members -Uchihashi, Nasuno, Yoshigaki in Japan. This work consists of all improvisations, no overdub, no edit. You will be surprised to listen this telepathic improvisation. Their play is more instant compositions as their playing than improvisation...
doubtmusic / dmf-109
28 April,
2006 on sale in Japan

2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)
P & C doubtmusic

meta company(Japan)
ReR Megacorp Ltd.(UK)
Squidco (US)
after hours (Korea)
ESQUILO RECORDS (Portugal, Spain)
1. I (02:07)
2. II (03:43)
3. III (15:43)
4. IV (05:56)
5. V (04:10)
6. VI (07:54)
7. VII (07:00)
8. VIII (12:56)
(Listing is all numbers on purpose)

All music improvised by Altered States
Altered States are Uchihashi Kazuhisa (guitar), Nasuno Mitsuru(bass), Yoshigaki Yasuhiro(drums, percussions, trumpet)

recorded, mixed and mastered by Matsumura Kazuyuki a.k.a ZAK
produced by Altered States and Numata Jun