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Yoshida Ryuichi(baritone sax), Goto Atsushi(trombone), Suga Dairo(piano)

"blacksheep" is a trio group, consisting of Yoshida Ryuichi (baritone sax player in Shibusashirazu Orchestra, Fujii Satoko Orchestra, etc.), Goto Atsushi (trombone player in "Tokyo Out", "Denki Slime", etc.) and Suga Dairo (pianist in Shibusashirazu Orchestra,"Real Blue", etc.).Sometime very beautiful, sometime intense improvisation and sometime humoresque and very serious, this, their first work is made up of protean improvisation and composition.

doubtmusic / dmf-122
Street date : 10 August, 2008
Cover : digi-pack
2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)
P & C doubtmusic


1. Sky Clippings and Spinning Frgments (16:39)
2. Black Sheep Song (9:58)
3. God's in His Heaven, All's Right with the World (8:36)
4. Dreams of Asphalt Waiting for Wind (13:24)
5. Dreams of an Arc Lamp (6:06)