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Imai Kazuo Trio
Blood (CD + DVD)

Imai Kazuo(guitar), Ito Atsuhiro(optron), Suzuki Manabu(electronics)

This trio was formed by Imai Kazuo (guitar), Suzuki Manabu (handmade electronics), and Ito Atsuhiro (optron) in July, 2005. I'm using a controllable instrument along with uncontrollable electronic sound devices that may make the music somewhat difficult to remain stable, yet its context of where I am now is the one that is similar to jazz. ーImai Kazuo, from linernotes

Imai Kazuo is the one and only graduate of Takayanagi Masayuki's private guitar school. He played with Kosugi Takehisa's "Taj Mahal Travellers" or Takayanagi's "New Direction", and what's more, he played with Lee Konitz, Arther Doyle, Irene Schweizer, Barre Phillips, and so on. He also organize "Marginal Consort" and "Imai Kazuo Trio" recently.

Ito Atsuhiro plays optron. He use a handmade fluorescent light as a instrument. He named it "optron". Optron strike the intense noise. He control it as feedback noise or low frequency. He was also a owner of the legendary art space called Off-Site. Off-Site familiarized "Onkyo" music as Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko-M, Sugimoto Taku, Nakamura Toshimaru, and so on.

Suzuki Manabu is actually a engineer of electronic instrument for artists but recently he plays his own handmade electronics. His handmade instrument is very interesting and exciting. The sound is strange and hypnotic, not any old noise, it's his style. He collaborate with various artist, musician and dancer.

doubtmusic /
dmf-124(CD) / 125(DVD)
Street date : 26 October, 2008
Cover : paper jacket
3,000 yen(tax ex)
3,150 yen(tax in)
P & C doubtmusic


disc 1 (CD)
1. Cartoon (Annette Peacock)
2. Nothing Ever Was, Anyway (A. Peacock)
3. Blood (2nd take / A. Peacock)
4. Sarabande (Johann Sebastian Bach)
5. Subconscious-Lee (Lee Konitz)
6. So In Love (Cole Porter)
7. Well You Needn't (Thelonious Monk)
8. Il n'y a pas d'amour heuereux (Georges Brassens)
9. Albert's Love Theme (A. Peacock)

disc 2 (DVD - NTSC / Region All)
1. Butterflies That I Feel Inside Me (A. Peacock)
2. Paroxysm (Imai kazuo)
3. AW-1 (K.Imai)
4. Il n'y a pas d'amour heuereux (Georges Brassens)
5. KK-1 (K. Imai)
6. Blood (1st take / A. Peacock)
7. Extra Movie