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sim + otomo / Monte Alto Estate

This is the collaborative masterpiece of the 3-piece unit, sim (Oshima Teruyuki on guitar and composition, Ootani Yoshio on computer, electronics, etc, and Uemura Masahiro on drums) and Otomo Yoshihide (turntables, self-made synthesizer). The noise of Otomo sharply incises the unique sound of sim, where Uemurafs controlled roaring drumming sets an main axis on Oshimafs precise rhythmical composition, Oshimafs the chord cuttings beats minimally and the electronics of Ootani give extreme voltage.
Both of their mastering of some tunes procedure of which once made back into analogue and the exquisite jacket cover seem to simbolize this distinct sound.

doubtmusic / dmf-127
Street date : 12 April, 2009
Cover : digi-pack (2 holes !)
2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)i
cover disign : Ide Yuichi
P & C doubtmusic


1. 5.5mm (6:51)
2. freska (5:08)
3. oom (8:10)
4. am (6:01)
5. boot (6:46)
6. disk 1 (9:59)
7. supremo (5:51)
8. exit (6:12)
9. dig (6:19)