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Tatsuhisa Yamamoto & Muneomi Senju / a thousand mountains ( acoustic & synthesized drums and percussions)

Muneomi Senju (ex-BOREDOMS a.k.a. VĀáREDOMS, PARA, URICHIPANGOON, COMBOPIANO etc.) and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (NATSUMEN, SATOKO FUJII 4tet, etc.) plays duo in various musical styles in this work - poly-rhythm, primitive groove, the wall of Onkyo, harmonic overtone, and so on. You will be amazed how their percussion playing have various pregnant tones. M4, re-mixed by Takuma Watanabe (COMBOPIANO) has most intense tension. Cover by Tomoo Gokita's fantastic new art for this work. This is the masterpiece, we would like not only drums fan but all music lovers to listen !

Muneomi Senju - drums, percussion, electronics
Tatsuhisa Yamamoto - drums, metals, percussion, gong, odaiko drums


doubtmusic / dmf-131
Street date : 20 December, 2009
Cover : digi-pack
2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)i
cover art : Tomoo Gokita
cover design : Satoshi Suzuki
P & C doubtmusic


1. chronoscope fatigue (5:53)
2. foggy in aquarium (2:01)
3. coral flirtation (11:07)
4. scattered devils (3:24)
5. correspon-dance (5:18)
6. fricative lights (8:38)
7. chronoscope fatigue variation (4:52)