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Axel Dörner Nobuyoshi Ino Kazuo Imai Noritaka Tanaka
rostbeständige Zeit

This is the masterpiece of 2CDs, splitting the music into improvisation (momentary composition) and / or composition.
disc 1 is the improvised music by Axel, Ino, Imai. Guitar sound of Imai is hot and tingling, Ino plays careful his choice pizzicato and arcoexquisitely, and Axel's original sound bring 'out' into their music. Their atmosphere of music is special one, cannot be similar from every music.
disc 2 consists of all Axel's composition. He play several tunes also on "die Enttauschung" (with Rudi Mahall, etc) but every tunes' structure is very vivid. Note drum playing by Nori, who is invited to play by Axel !
If jazz is survive in present day, this work is the real contemporary "jazz" today.

doubtmusic / dmf-132/133
Street date : 14 March, 2010
Cover : paper sleeve
3,000 yen(tax ex)
3,150 yen(tax in)
cover design : Akira Sasaki
P & C doubtmusic


disc 1
1. for (9:46)
2. of (15:26)
3. or (16:54)
4. if (17:17)

disc 2
1. background beneath (8:46)
2. schneller-langsamer (4:03)
3. nicht-weit (9:10)
4. viaduct (6:33)
5. weit-nicht (8:35)
6. foreground behind (4:58)