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Akira Sakata / The Tale of the Heike - Live Performance DVD

doubtmusic / dmf-148

Akira Sakata (as, cl, bass-cl, percussion, voice)
Jim O'rourke (g, vo)
Yumiko Tanaka (Gidayu-syamisen, Joruri, reading )
Chizuru Ichii (Kotsuzumi, Shime-daiko, vocalies )
Tatasuhisa Yamamoto (drums, percussion )

Akiko Nakayama : Live Painting

Telecom Stuff : shooting, editing

Takahira Tetsuo : script, stage direction

doubtmusic / dmf-148
Street date : 12 January, 2013
Cover : digi-pack
2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)
P & C doubtmusic

part 1
1. Gion Shoja
2. The Death of Kiyomori
3. The Matter of the Six
4. The Assult from the Cliff
part 2
5. The Chapter of the Battle
6. The Death of Atsumori
7. The Death of Kiso
8. The Drowning of the Former Emperor
Extra Video
9. Sea Chanty of Ondo