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V.A. / Asian Meeting Recordings #1

doubtmusic / dmf-170

"Asian Meeting Featival" ( * ) rose to the highest recent years. This is the studio recordings CD, finally put out via doubtmusic. Amazing musicians / artists from each country in Asia gathered in Tokyo, they played powerful improvisations under directions by dj sniff and Yuen Cheewai. We recorded, selected and edited them for completed the CD. We would like you to fell splender Asian improvisation and experimental music. This CD will be expected all over the world !!!

( * ) The Asian Meeting Festival (AMF) was started by Otomo Yoshihide in 2005 with the hope of promoting a robust creative interaction between Japanese and other Asian musicians. With the festival nestled within the auspices of Ensembles Asia, and with the inclusion of Yuen Chee Wai from Singapore and Hong Kong-based dj sniff as curators since 2014, AMF has evolved into one of Asia's foremost experimental, improvisational and noise music festivals.

doubtmusic / dmf-170
street date : 23 September, 2017
Cover : digi-pack
retail priceF2,000
digi pack / include liner notes
P & C doubtmusic

Here is the sample of the CD
Asian Meeting Recordings #1 - Album Sample

musician ( in order of appearance CD ) : Iman Jimbot (Bandung), Son X (Hanoi), Otomo Yoshihide (Tokyo), Krisna Widiathama (Yogyakarta), Nguyen Hong Giang (Ho Chi Minh City), Kok Siew-Wai (Kuala Lumpur), Ryoko Ono (Nagoya), Ai Watanabe (Tokyo), dj sniff (Hong Kong), Kimiya Sato (Tokyo), Yuji Ishihara (Tokyo), Yuen Chee Wai (Singapore), Ko Ishikawa (Tokyo), Jojo Hiroshige (Tokyo), Yong Yandsen (Kuala Lumpur), Ann Murazato (Omuta), KITO (Tokyo), Tavito Nanao (Tokyo), skip skip ben ben (Taipei)

Recorded at GOK Sound during February 24, 25, 26, 27 & March 11, 12, 13, 2017
Recording, Mixing, Mastering by Yoshiaki Kondo ( GOK Sound )
Executive Producer : Yuen Chee Wai & dj sniff
Cover Design : Yuen Chee Wai
Liner Notes : dj sniff