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Takayanagi Masayuki New Direction For The Art
Complete "La Grima"

"La Grima" (Tears) was performed on August 14, 1971, at the Genyasai festival in Sanrizuka, Japan. The first six minutes or so of this performance can be heard on the omnibus LP Genya (released on CD in 2004). This CD presents the complete, unedited version of the performance.

As if to slash through the audience's scornful, jeering reaction to Takayanagi's opening remarks, the group launched into a fiercely convulsive performance. Despite having a variety of objects thrown at them, Takayanagi and the others kept on playing. They ended the performance to a storm of booing and shouts of "Go home!"

For this release it was meticulously remixed and then mastered. Thus, the performance of "La Grima" by the newly-launched New Direction for the Art has been reborn in a fresher, more vivid form.

The photos are from the scrapbook of Kenji Ishiguro, who was shooting on site in Sanrizuka at the time. Among them are a couple of rare shots in which Takayanagi can just be seen. The CD comes in a folding cardboard jacket.
doubtmusic / dmh-113
Street date : 11 March, 2007
Cover : a folding cardboard jacket

2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)
P & C doubtmusic

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ReR Megacorp Ltd.(UK)
Squidco (US)
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1. "La Grima" (41:45)