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Mats Gustafsson baritone saxophone solo Catapult

Catapult of solitudes...
reflections and directions,
considerations...illusions...moments of minds.
FIRE and Joy !
Music and playing is living it!!!
............. ( Mats Gustafsson )

Amazing his blowing technic is in "Memory of a specific Silence" and "Catapult". "Torparvisa", composed by Gunde Johansson inspired Albert Ayler to write "Ghosts" while living in Stockholm back in 1962. Mats plays very beautiful overtones in this tune. His daughter composed very beautiful tunes, are "The Light" and "The Nut". "It is, Remember" has a destractive Rockin' ending. In Otomo's masterpiece "Flutter", Mats add his own interpretation. etc... His first only bariton sax solo work! KILLIN' CD!!
doubtmusic / dms-103
5th June, 2005 on sale in Japan

2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)
P & C doubtmusic

meta company(Japan)
ReR Megacorp Ltd.(UK)
1. Memory of a specific Silence - to Paul Auster (M.Gustafsson) 4'22"
2. Torparvisa (Gunde Johansson) / Angels (Albert Ayler) 7'32"
3. The Light (Alva Melin ) 4'48"
4. Catapult of Solitudes - to Paul Auster (M.Gustafsson) 5'48"
5. The Nut (Alva Melin ) 5'27"
6. It is. Remember - To Lars Gullin (M.Gustafsson) 6'19"
7. Flutter (Otomo Yoshihide) 6'43"
8. Chance Illusions - to Paul Auster (M.Gustafsson) 6'23"
9. Kungssangen (trad. arr Mats Gustafsson) 5'16"

produced by Mats Gustafsson & Jun Numata