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-Voice and theremin solo

Makigami Koichi is one of best voice performer in the world. "Moon Ether" is his improvisation of voice and theremin except 1 & 11 are Asian folksong. This works includes his marvelous Khoomii singing -double voice, humor, free theremin playing, a taste of impromptu talent, sound effect, etc... "Shadowlike, the theremin sings. The ether dances" -Makigami Koichi.

doubtmusic / dms-107
16 April, 2006 on sale in Japan

2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)
P & C doubtmusic

meta company(Japan)
ReR Megacorp Ltd.(UK)
Squidco (US)
after hours (Korea)
ESQUILO RECORDS (Portugal, Spain)
1. {pp tp (Kara Duruya)
2. Lunar Mare@2:43
3. YAbaRA HoE@2:43
4. Moon Ether@4:44
5. Past The Adam's Apple@4:41
6. Sprouting Fingers@7:57
7. Snail Express@4:51
8. Zackly@4:22
9. Li Bai's Moon@6:52
10. Hazy Detail@4:28
11. {pp tp (Kara Duruya) @1:46

all compositions by Makigami Koichi, except 1 & 11 Tuva folk song
Makigami Koichi ; voice, throat, theremin with moogerfooger

recorded and mixed by Makigami Koichi, dec, 2005 - feb, 2006 at 1714 studio, Atami
masterd by Makigami Koichi
produced by Makigami Koichi & Numata Jun