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Hirose Junji / the elements
tenor saxophone solos

Innovator of saxophone, living legend, Junji Hirose put out his solo saxophone improvisation at last via doubtmusic ! His saxophone tones have strength, odd taste, noisy and excitement. We would like you to feel his one and only sax sound. Sometimes he play multi-phonic blowing, sometimes he play only saxophone pads, sometimes he control undertone when he blow in multi-phonic tones, etc., he try to play in various approaches to saxophone. You should be amazed at his music !

Hirose Junji
b.March 29, 1955 Tokyo. He began to play his twenties. 1981, he pressed his first solo LP called "solo saxophone" independently. Afterwards he participated Fujikawa Yoshiaki's EASTASIA ORCHESTRA, TOGASHI MASAHIKO's group, Fuwa Daisuke's SHIBUSA-SHIRAZU (the forepart), Otomo Yoshihide's GROUND-ZERO, Uemura Masahiro's P.O.N. and so on. He didn't play briefly but he play again with his saxophone and hand-made noise machine in recent years. Now he plays regularly duo with Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (drums), and trio with Yoshigaki and Nakamura Toshimaru (no-input mixing board), trio with Yoshida Tatsuya (drum) and Ito Atsuhiro (optron) etc.

A child. An eternal child. Filled with innocence, the sound is like an angel's testament. It encompasses evil; it tells us this is what music is. The tears we've shed dry instantly. The air of detachment is the mark of Junji Hirose--the only musician who's ever unnerved me to the core.
(Jin Harada/JinDestroy - bassist/didgeridoo player - ROVO, DESTORIO, etc.)

doubtmusic / dms-135
Street date : 20 September, 2010
Cover : digi-pack
2,200 yen(tax ex)
2,310 yen(tax in)
cover design : Akira Sasaki
P & C doubtmusic


1. improvisation no.39 (1:12)
2. improvisation no.02 (4:01)
3. improvisation no.33 (1:44)
4. the elements no.03 (5:13)
5. improvisation no.20 (3:08)
6. improvisation no.24 (6:18)
7. improvisation no.03 (4:06)
8. improvisation no.09 (4:46)
9. improvisation no.01 (3:16)
10. the elements no.02 (5:15)
11. improvisation no.31 (1:39)
12. improvisation no.38 (0:30)
13. the elements no.01 (0:59)
14. improvisation no.42 (2:27)
15. improvisation no.41 (1:09)
16. improvisation no.23 (3:44)
17. improvisation no.43 (0:41?j